SRMS is a collection of seasoned professionals and technology experts united to deliver superior storage industry products and services

We’re committed to deliver innovation with the intent to optimize data center operations, lowering costs and improving throughput

SRMS Specialties

Proprietary Software
    -  Tests and Repairs all manufacturers’ HDDs
    -  Data Erasure on all manufacturers’ HDDs
    -  Wipe and grade all SAS & SATA SSDs

Cutting-edge Hardware Design
    -  Easy to Operate
    -  Minimum Operator Requirements

Data Security Protocols
    -  Customer data is never read
    -  Secure reporting of HDD failure with analysis 


      On-site Repair System

*  User data is never exposed
*  Performs
    -  HDD Testing
    -  HDD Repairing
*  Quality grading per SRMS proprietary method
    -  Able to customize based on individual grading rules
*  Summary reports will be from SRMS web application
*  One Configuration:
    -  NORS – Networked ORS

    On-site Data Erasure System

*  Wiping as per NIST/ DoD standard Media clearing guideline
    -  Able to customize based on user requirement
*  Provides a sanitization certificate for every HDD wiped
    -  Satisfying the challenge posed by increasing amount of governmental general data protection regulations
*  Summary reports is generated from SRMS web application after 
*  Two Configurations
    -  NODES – Networked ODES
    -  NNODES – Non-Networked ODES 

SRMS ORS Solution

ORS Operation

Watch ORS Video
(On-site Repair System) 

Onsite Repair & wiping Solution 

SRMS ODES Solution

ODES Operation

Watch ODES Video

 (On-site Data Erasure System)