Storage Recovery Migration Services


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About Us

  • Storage Recovery Migration Services use Business Models which optimize the needs and profitability of our clients
  • All products and services have designed in flexibility to meet the demands of the Asset Recovery Businesses, including support of legacy products
  • SRMS provides a knowledge base and decision making intelligence that contributes to our clients operational excellence
  • We are committed to deliver innovations which optimize Asset Recovery Operations, improving throughput and lowering our clients costs
  • We intentionally developed our own hardware and software focused on Asset Recovery of storage devices, both HDD and SSD devices
  • We are committed to be the Asset Recovery Industry’s leading provider of secure services enabling economy and ecofriendly sustainability
  • Our networked and on-site services delivers secure storage device test, device data erasure with certification, and device repair
  • We are committed to process, test, repair and reuse of storage products in compliance with the current government and industry security requirements
  • Our origins trace back to a few Data Storage industry professional who identified a need for high volume On-Site Repair of storage devices
  • SRMS staff of engineers and specialists supports our clients development, materials management, process design and repair of data storage devices

SRMS at a Glance

  • The founders were all data storage professionals from Seagate, WD, HGST and HP
  • The first product, On-Site Repair System (ORS) was released in mid 2017 with installations in USA, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan
  • The second product line was introduced in 2018, Networked On-Site Repair System (NORS) and Non-Networked On-Site Repair Systems (NNORS) for installation in highly secured data recovery centers
  • In 2020 SRMS introduced NORS for secure erase of SSD storage products
  • SRMS is currently showing an Optical Archiving Complete Solution in partnership with SONY

  • Location:
    -  USA Headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA
    -  USA Engineering & Product Configuration Center in Lake Forest, CA

Management Team

David Wu

CEO & Co–Founder

* More than 30 years HDD
* Product Planning, Manufacturing,
   and Business Strategy
* MiniScribe, Maxtor, TDK and
   Executive Level in multiple
   international operations 

George Hefner

SVP Engineering

* More than 25 years HDD
* Previous Director of CE
   Technology at WD
* Lead Architect for HDD self-test
   at WD

James Fang

Director / Operation

* More than 25 years in
   manufacturing optimization
* Previous Director of Ops at TPK
   and LiteOnIT

Chandra Sekaran

Director / Strategy Business

* More than 25 years of storage
   industry experience.
* Manufacturing and QA
   experienced in WD & TDK
* Strategy plan for removable HDD
   & Special HDD design
* Asia HDD & Equipment
   operation experienced in China
   / India / Japan and Philippines

News and Press

SRMS 9-20-2022

SRMS's Immutable Data Storage System participates in Asia's highest level cybersecurity conference and expo. 
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Tech Briefing
Chandra Sekaran 9-20-2022 

Data Wiping (HDD/SSD)
HDD Repair
Immutable Data Storage System 
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Global Exhibition on Services 2018, 
SRMS, 16-18 May 2018 

Global Exhibition on Services 2018 – The India opportunity
16-18 May 2018, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India 
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