Storage Recovery Migration Services


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About Us

  • Storage Recovery Migration Services use Business Models which optimize the needs and profitability of our clients
  • All products and services have designed in flexibility to meet the demands of the Asset Recovery Businesses, including support of legacy products
  • SRMS provides a knowledge base and decision making intelligence that contributes to our clients operational excellence
  • We are committed to deliver innovations which optimize Asset Recovery Operations, improving throughput and lowering our clients costs
  • We intentionally developed our own hardware and software focused on Asset Recovery of storage devices, both HDD and SSD devices
  • We are committed to be the Asset Recovery Industry’s leading provider of secure services enabling economy and ecofriendly sustainability
  • Our networked and on-site services delivers secure storage device test, device data erasure with certification, and device repair
  • We are committed to process, test, repair and reuse of storage products in compliance with the current government and industry security requirements
  • Our origins trace back to a few Data Storage industry professional who identified a need for high volume On-Site Repair of storage devices
  • SRMS staff of engineers and specialists supports our clients development, materials management, process design and repair of data storage devices

SRMS at a Glance

  • The founders were all data storage professionals from Seagate, WD, HGST and HP
  • The first product, On-Site Repair System (ORS) was released in mid 2017 with installations in USA, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan
  • The second product line was introduced in 2018, Networked On-Site Repair System (NORS) and Non-Networked On-Site Repair Systems (NNORS) for installation in highly secured data recovery centers
  • In 2020 SRMS introduced NODES and NNODES for secure erase of HDD and SSD storage products
  • SRMS is currently showing an Optical Archiving Complete Solution in partnership with SONY

  • Location:
    -  USA Headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA
    -  USA Engineering & Product Configuration Center in Lake Forest, CA

Management Team

David Wu

CEO & Co–Founder

* More than 30 years HDD
* Product Planning,
   Manufacturing, and Business 
* MiniScribe, Maxtor, TDK and
   Executive Level in multiple
   international operations 

George Hefner

SVP Engineering

* More than 25 years HDD
* Previous Director of CE
   Technology at WD
* Lead Architect for HDD self- 
   test at WD

James Fang

Director / Operation

* More than 25 years in
   manufacturing optimization
* Previous Director of Ops at
   TPK and LiteOnIT

Chandra Sekaran

Director / Strategy Business

* More than 25 years of storage
   industry experience.
* Manufacturing and QA
   experienced in WD & TDK
* Strategy plan for removable
   HDD & Special HDD design
* Asia HDD & Equipment
   operation experienced in
   China / India / Japan and

News and Press

ITAD Summit 2023 
SRMS, July 18-19 2023


SRMS, September 2022

SRMS's Immutable Data Storage System participates in Asia's highest level cybersecurity conference and expo. 

Tech Briefing
David Wu, September 2022

College of Electrical and Computer Engineering of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University invited a special speech, the topic: big data and digital storage, with more than 200 master and doctoral students and teachers participating.

Global Exhibition on Services 2018, 
SRMS, 16-18 May 2018 

Global Exhibition on Services 2018 – The India opportunity
16-18 May 2018, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India