Cold Data Storage System

Cold Data Storage Service

Archiving Cold data

  • data that is not frequently required/used in a very cost effective way.

We use Optical Disk

  • having 50+ years of life time under normal environment
  • Tested for water proof & Corrosion resistance.


* Frequency of accessing and using data decays along its lifecycle
   - Need to differentiate data to maximize utility of data storage
* Total volume of data increases exponentially with constant addition of new data
   - IDC: a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23% over the 2020-2025 forecast
* Data storage and retention service - very cost intensive
   - Data explosion constantly demands capacity expansion
   - HDDs -- Increase total operation cost of data retention.
       -- Controlled environment - humidity, ESD 
       -- Consumes power (electricity)
       -- Generates heat

Rapidly Growing Cold Data 

* Data tiering for best use of storage space:
   - 175 ZB (a trillion GB) of data by 2025
   - Optimize data storage based on frequency of access
   - Archiving frees up expensive capacity
      -- Moves less frequently used data to more cost-effective storage means
* Cold Data: Important data to keep but not accessed frequently
   - IDC : At least 60% can be archived = Cold Data

Data Features & Requirement in Real Life

  • Features of Data/ Information
    - Different types of data may require different storage time
    - Frequently used data is only 8% of the total stored data volume
    - More than 85% of the data has never been read/ used after being written in cartridge.
  • Real world requirement for data
    - Storage media, equipment and management strategies are subject to type of data
    - hot data (frequently use), warm data (not often use), cold data (occasionally use or never use).