Immutable Data Storage Services

Power of Data & its consequences

As the power of data exponentiates – so does its responsibility 

With great power comes great responsibility.

                                                - an ancient adage, at least as old as the first century BC in the allusion of the Sword of Damocles popularized by Spider Man.  

Following the explosion of Data, it became the new oil for the economy.
With this extraordinary power – it started attracting 

constructive forces like Big Data Analysis, ML & AI
as well as
destructive forces like Cyber Attacks, phishing, ransomware  

ZERO TRUST POLICY is the buzz word of the society recently.
Data Security & integrity have become basic requirement now than ever before.

Sorry state of Data security

* Number of Complaints filed shows the sharp increase in data security related

* Financial industry , health care industry as well as other industries are
   increasingly experiencing the issue. 

* Ransomware alone is projected to cost $265 Billion by
   year 2031. 

Need for un-alterable data storage (WORM)

* Critical data like credit card and Stock market transactions requires un-alterable storage.

* In the case of all other data, un-alterable storage provides security against ransomware.
         Write Once Read Many Storage – provides this un-alterable data.
                Data once written cannot be altered, and it can be Read Many (Multiple) times.

* US - Securities Exchange Act requires certain transactions to be stored in WORM with additional logging 
   conditions. (expect many more to follow the suit) 

SRMS solution - IDSS

IDSS ( Immutable Data Storage System) will provide a storage system suitable for  

  • Current Zero Trust Environment 
    -- with multiple layers of security where the data once committed/written will not be allowed to modify
  • Current Environment Sustainability Requirement 
    -- by deploying energy efficient utilization of SSDs & HDDs.

SRMS aims to evolve our Immutable data storage service 

  • To aid in implementing/ Transitioning to ZTA – Zero Trust Architecture, as part of their toolkit.
  • To implement CID based IPFS storage system for NFTs
  • To be a part of storage services for next generation solutions such as
    -- WWW 3.0
    -- Metaverse
Immutable Data Storage System

Two Distinct system 

  • with SSD (write once)
    -- 8 * 4U modules with 60 slots per Module
    -- Using 1TB SSDs/slots  480TB
  • with HDD (write once)
    -- 8 * 4U modules with 12 slots per Module
    -- Using 18TB to 20 TB HDDs --> 1728 TB to 1920 TB

Write Once control 

  • SRMS archiving software – will not allow overwriting.
    -- When Same data to be archived again
          we will prompt for confirmation
          If user confirms to archive – stored in different location.
  • Immutable attribute deployed to protect the file.

Multi-layered Security to be incorporated 

  • DATA Protection – in SRMS Write Once Storage system

Cloud Operation of IDSS  

DATA Protection – in SRMS Write Once Storage system

Multiple layers of data protection 

  • Soft lock to protect the storage elements
  • Additional Hardware lock to protect the system integrity
  • Access control – dual layer
  • Customer data Encryption – @Rest using AES & @ transit using TLS1.2
  • Firewall

This multilayer protection together with the immutable attribute –  

  • protects the data From unauthorized access while it is in the system
  • & also, if the storage unit is removed from system

Overall – Immutability of the data stored together with the multi-layer protection makes
                           it suitable for the Zero Trust environment.

Power Consumption

          - IDSS for Archiving : for 30 PB of data

                        60% of data is archived
                        retrieval requirement is less than 5%
          - during idle times SRMS system is in OFF state – no power consumption
          - no environmental control needed.