HDD Repair Service

☆ Performs 
    --  HDD Testing
    --  HDD Repairing
☆ User data is never exposed
☆ Quality grading per SRMS proprietary method
    --  Able to customize based on individual grading rules
☆ Summary reports will be from SRMS web application
☆ One Configuration
    --  NORS – Networked ORS (On-site Repair System)

The Networked ORS product

On-site Repair System

☆  IP Patented Portfolio Design
☆  Customer defined specifications
     -  HDD Test, Repair, and Data Erasure parameters
     -  SSD wiping and grading into A, B, C for re-use
     -  Flexibility, supports multiple operating parameters per service
☆  Costs Reduced
     -  Increase availability of recertified HDDs for reuse
     -  Installed in data center (or anywhere in value chain)
     -  Minimize labor and handling requirements
☆  Data Security
     -  Customer data never exposed
     -  Fully encrypted: test results, failure data and analysis all secure
☆  Design Advantages
     -  Supports all HDD device manufacturers and products
     -  Supports SAS and SATA simultaneously (on same tester)
     -  Designed for data center; easy to install, service and support 

NORS System Hardware

Full Rack Configuration  

  • Supports 96 max 3.5” HDDs, Operating asynchronously
  • NORS Cycle Time : 1TB Standard HDD Repair Time approximately 8 hours


  • System software detects SAS/ SATA interface, make, and model
  • Minimum human intervention, only loading and unloading
  • LED Indicators

Data Security 

  • System installed on customer’s premises, and handled by authorized employees only
  • Customer Data Is Never Read from HDD
  • Secure data customer reporting

Networked ORS Global Deployment Schema

HDD Testing & Repairing Insight

* Flexible – scripting:
   1. Customer specific test / sequence can be added
   2. Customer specific grading and quality standards can be implemented

Certificate Download Website

* Certificates are listed by date and serial number
   -- 20180515-WM5083405 is the wipe certificate for serial number WM5083405, which completed wipe on May 15, 2018 

HDD Repair With Certification

  • Standard configuration: 
    - DoD / NIST800-88-r1 standard Based wiping
  • Flexibility
    - Easily configured to fit Customer requirements
  • WEB based configuration allows changing erase functions within minutes 
    - Basic Erase, Sample Verify
    - Basic Erase, Full Verify
    - Meets Government Standard Erase i.e. DoD 5220.22-M
    - Client customization
  • Wipes all HDD manufacturer products
    - SATA I, II, III and SAS devices all on same tester
  • Certification by individual HDD serial number