Report and Certificate

On-site HDD Repair and Data Erasure System

☆ Wiping as per NIST/ DoD standard Media clearing guideline
    - Able to customize based on user requirement

☆ Provides a sanitization certificate for every HDD wiped
    - Satisfying the challenge posed by increasing amount of governmental general data protection regulations

☆ Summary reports is generated from SRMS web application after synchronization

ORS & ODES System – Reports 

  • Standard Online Reports
    - Ability to view ORS System report for all sites and specific equipment
    - Ability to review historical information
  • Daily Reports 
    HDDs & SSDs processed by Serial Number
    - Report by HDD/SSD insertions and unable to Identify (Hard Failure)
  • Monthly Reports  
    - Report by Interface (SATA and SAS)
  • Report Generation On-Demand
    Custom reports are available upon request

Online Web Monitoring and Reports

Online Daily Reports

Online Monthly Reports

Certificate Download Website

* Certificates are listed by date and serial number
   -- 20220929101642-WD is the wipe certificate for serial number WX41DA8D6VJL, which completed wipe on Sep 29, 2022 

Data Erasure With Certification

  • Standard configuration: 
    - DoD / NIST800-88-r1 standard Based wiping
  • Flexibility
    - Easily configured to fit Customer requirements
  • WEB based configuration allows changing erase functions within minutes (for NORS)
    - Basic Erase, Sample Verify
    - Basic Erase, Full Verify
    - Meets Government Standard Erase i.e. DoD 5220.22-M
    - Client customization
  • Wipes all HDD manufacturer products
    - SATA I, II, III and SAS devices all on same tester
  • Certification by individual HDD serial number